Rock Painting


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Rock painting is one of the easiest yet most fun activity to be done with the toddler.
rock painting for toddlers

All we need is some paint and rocks and let the toddler paint away.

rock painting

Let him paint to his heart content. Dry it and use the rock for decoration.

rock painting for children

One can never have too many colored rocks πŸ™‚

Here is the video of our toddler boy happily painting rocks:

Rock Painting – Lady Bug


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We are going to try rock painting today and what else can we paint if not our favourite – Lady Bug! πŸ˜€

Lady bugs

Choose some nice, round rocks

Paint it red

Once dry, paint the face black. Draw line and dots.

Let dry. Paint the eyes. Once dry, spray a coat of varnish and your rock ladybug is done πŸ˜€

Can be used as paper weight πŸ™‚