Potato Stamp Art


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A Crafty-Crafted Friend’s submission of lovely potato stamp art πŸ™‚

Milton of Our Little Corners is such a cool brother. He does art and craft with his younger siblings. Today, he’s sharing their potato stamp fun art πŸ™‚

Milton used potato, water color, knife and bond paper for this fun art.

Milton’s instruction πŸ™‚

– Get a potato and cut it into half ( with pencil or any pointed material like a small knife)

– Outline your design into the raw surface.

– You can start of with some simple designs like a star, a fish or even a clover leaf.

– Using a small knife, cut around the outline of the design to a depth of 1/4 inch and then cut the background of the shape it self.

– For colors, you can use water colors , which you can mix with a little water.

– Just dip or spread the color with brush and apply it to a suitable surface.


Thank you Milton for spending quality time with your brother doing art projects together. Thank you too for sharing this art work with us πŸ™‚