Butterfly Goodie Bag


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I stumbled upon this great idea from Rainbowstarbooks for a goodie bag! The next time you have a party, why not place all the little goodies in a plastic bag and tie it up to look like a butterfly?

Simply great isn’t it?

Craft Tips – Personalized Drinking Glasses


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Personalized Drinking Glasses

Having a party? Help your guests identify their glasses with personalized drinking glasses. You need not go to the extreme of ordering engraved drinking glasses with names on it. Cut cost and use ribbons to tie a name tag around the glass instead 🙂

Personalised Drinking Glasses

You'll need drinking glasses, ribbons, craft scissors, cards with names printed on it and a punch hole

Cut the name using the craft scissors. Punch a hole at the side and run the ribbon through it. Tie around the glass.

You are now ready to enjoy your drink with your personalized glass 😀

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