Origami Ice-cream


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It’s time to indulge in delicious ice-cream 🙂

Origami Ice-cream

Fold a square paper half

Fold both ends to meet in the middle

Fold it back down as shown in the picture

Turn it around and fold back the excess ends.

Fold the top ends to meet in the middle.

Fold down as shown in the picture above.

Fold up again.

Like this.

Fold down again.

And up again 🙂

Turn it around and you’ll have this.

Draw lines for the cone and your ice-cream is done 🙂

Slurp! Slurp! Yummy 😀



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Feeling all hot and craving for ice-cream? Try this ‘ice-cream’ that won’t melt! Of course it won’t melt, it is made of card board and paper plates. 😀
Paint a paper plate red and another yellow. You may paint it any colour as you wish and you may paint as many plates you like. Each colour will represent a scoop on your cone!
Just the middle part will do. Once dried, cut out a ‘cloud’ shape from each colour to form the ‘ice-cream’

Get a recycle box to make the ‘cone’. Draw a cone shape and line it with markers or colour pencil.

Once all is done, paste them all together. I added some glitters on the top of my ice-cream as ‘toppings’!
Stick it onto a wall or anywhere as you wish. This ice-cream will never melt! 😀