DIY Diwali Paper Diya


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Deepavali is a Sanskrit vocabulary meaning a ‘line of lamps’. It is one of the most popular celebrations in India. The festival generally symbolizes the victory of light over darkness. The Indian community light these lamps outside their homes as a symbol to protect them from spiritual darkness.

Let’s make this simple yet lovely paper Diya to celebrate this Festival of Light. All we need are some bright coloured papers, a pair of scissors and glue.

Toilet Paper Roll Oil Lamp


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We are in the festive spirit and will be making oil lamp today 🙂

Toilet Paper Roll Oil Lamp

Cut half a large toilet paper roll

Cut a triangle out of small toilet paper roll

Paste onto the larger toilet paper roll

Cut ‘flames’ out of coloured construction paper.

Paint the toilet paper roll inside out

Use hair dryer to expedite the drying process.  Click here for more of craft tips and tricks.

Paste the flame and the oil lamp is done 🙂