Muffin Cup Flowers


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Muffins are delicious. Today we are going to use muffin cups to make beautiful flowers 😀

Muffin cup flowers

We’ll need muffin cups

Paste them onto a piece of paper

Press to keep them in place

Use a coin as a guide and draw a circle on a color craft foam.

Paste the craft foam in the middle of the muffin cups

Like this 🙂

Cut strips out of brown craft foam and paste

Bend a green pipe cleaner and paste as the leaf


You’re done 😀

The satisfaction I got from that smile of his – PRICELESS 😀

Cupcake Bouquet


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A Crafty-Crafted Friend's submission of a lovely cupcake bouquet.

Craft submitted by Anney of

Anney didn't use buttercream frosting for her cupcakes coz she was afraid it will melt and fall apart due to the hot weather. She used melted chocolate and colorful sprinkles. It set quickly and perfectly!She used a glue gun to attach the styrofoam ball into the embellished terracotta pot. She then glued some strips of green japanese paper all over the styro so it will not be visible and for a grassy effect.

She inserted bamboo skewers into the styrofoam ball and attached the cupcakes all the way around.

Merryn: Anney this is one very lovely food craft. Thank you for sharing it with us. I’m sure many will find this interesting and will be keen to do it for any party coming up 🙂

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