Clock Frame

I have several clocks at home that is no longer working. Instead of just disposing them off, I’ve decided to turn them into a photo frame 🙂

Clock frame
Get a photo that is big enough to fit into the clock.
Draw a circle and cut.
Use a double sided tape to secure the photo in the clock and hang it up 😀


  1. Good Idea, Merryn.. now i got to dig back all the old clocks in my storeroom, wonder whether they r there or not..

    • Merryn

      🙂 Go, go and dig and blog about it ok? I wanna see it 🙂

  2. Merryn, you are a very creative mommy. I like the idea of using the clock as photo frame, nice!

  3. ayie

    very well done mummy! i would do the same thing =)

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