Footprint Durian

We are enjoying the durian season here now. Durian is a very ‘subjective’ fruit. You either LIKE or HATE it! To those who loves it, you’ll find that it is very fragrant while those who hate it won’t even be able to bear the pungent smell 😀

Anyway, no guessing to which side I’m at as that is what we are doing today 😛

Footprint Durian

Paint your foot yellow

Stamp your painted foot onto a piece of art block

Paint the other foot

Stamp next to the first footprint

Paint the ‘skin’ and thorns

The durian is done 😀

He’s one happy kid with his durian 😀


  1. haha so cute… gosh… it’s been awhile since we last created an art craft… huhuhu
    Good morning Merryn and Ethan

  2. Sara

    LOL! I have to show this to my husband, he LOVES durian, plain, in smoothies you name it. I however cannot jump onboard the durian wagon!

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