Craft Demonstration – ParenThots Family Day

I’ve been invited by ParenThots (the Star’s parenting website) to do some demonstrations on my craft works on their Family Day. Full details here

ParenThots Family Day

Date: Nov 28 (Saturday)
Time: 9am-noon
Venue: Kelab Kilat, Bangsar, KL (it’s opposite Pantai Hospital)
Entrance: FREE

There are good old fashioned games:
– Buzz wire
– Throw the ball at a pyramid of cans
– Throw a ring over the bottles
– Darts
– Penalty shootout

There are races:
– Three-legged race
– Egg in spoon race

– Hula hoop contest
– Currypuff-eating contest

There is free sampling:
– Cupcakes
– Baby food

There are demonstrations:
– Crafts (That’s ME, yes ME! Come! Come and meet me LIVE in person! :P)
– First aid for children

There are other stuff:
– Clowns
– Inflatables for your kids to bounce on for 3 hours (if they want to!)
– Face-painting

Prize sponsors:
– Kidz Spot (in Tropicana City Mall, PJ)
– Scholastic Books

Most importantly:
– It’s a fun outing with the kids
– It’s a chance to mingle with other parents
– It’s a chance to meet ParenThots
– It’s a chance for ParenThots to meet you
– It’s the BEST fun you’ll have this November
– There is free food and prizes to be won
– Entrance is FREE!!

What do you have to do?
Register attendance by emailing [email protected]. Give us your full name, IC number and how many adults and children will be attending.

The first 100 to register will receive a SURPRISE GIFT on the day.


  1. wah.. i am so proud of you, GIRL! go for it.. wear nice nice and let me know when u r in the STAR paper, OK? famous liow… *can sign my autograph, please, mam?*

  2. Merryn live! wow but too bad I’m very far away. =(

  3. Brigitte,

    Thank YOU for the opportunity. I look forward to meeting up with you too. 🙂

  4. Mummy moon,

    Please do drop by to say “HI”. I so want to meet you, yan yan and heng heng. 🙂

  5. Kitty

    Hope to see you there, Merryn.

    Love your crafts! btw, how old is your little prince?

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