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I’ve been invited by ParenThots (the Star’s parenting website) to do some demonstrations on my craft works on their Family Day. Full details here

ParenThots Family Day

Date: Nov 28 (Saturday)
Time: 9am-noon
Venue: Kelab Kilat, Bangsar, KL (it’s opposite Pantai Hospital)
Entrance: FREE

There are good old fashioned games:
– Buzz wire
– Throw the ball at a pyramid of cans
– Throw a ring over the bottles
– Darts
– Penalty shootout

There are races:
– Three-legged race
– Egg in spoon race

– Hula hoop contest
– Currypuff-eating contest

There is free sampling:
– Cupcakes
– Baby food

There are demonstrations:
– Crafts (That’s ME, yes ME! Come! Come and meet me LIVE in person! :P)
– First aid for children

There are other stuff:
– Clowns
– Inflatables for your kids to bounce on for 3 hours (if they want to!)
– Face-painting

Prize sponsors:
– Kidz Spot (in Tropicana City Mall, PJ)
– Scholastic Books

Most importantly:
– It’s a fun outing with the kids
– It’s a chance to mingle with other parents
– It’s a chance to meet ParenThots
– It’s a chance for ParenThots to meet you
– It’s the BEST fun you’ll have this November
– There is free food and prizes to be won
– Entrance is FREE!!

What do you have to do?
Register attendance by emailing [email protected]. Give us your full name, IC number and how many adults and children will be attending.

The first 100 to register will receive a SURPRISE GIFT on the day.

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So tempted *sob sob*

U r so geng!~

ok.. marked in my calendar.. will try to make it there.. 😀

wah.. i am so proud of you, GIRL! go for it.. wear nice nice and let me know when u r in the STAR paper, OK? famous liow… *can sign my autograph, please, mam?*

Merryn live! wow but too bad I’m very far away. =(

CONGRATS babe, u da woman!

Will try to meet you in person !! Congrats!!!!

Hi Merryn,

Tks for the post! I look forward to meeting up with you!


Thank YOU for the opportunity. I look forward to meeting up with you too. 🙂

Mummy moon,

Please do drop by to say “HI”. I so want to meet you, yan yan and heng heng. 🙂

Thank you Irene. 🙂



I know you live far away. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Hope to see you there, Merryn.

Love your crafts! btw, how old is your little prince?


Ethan is two years old.:)

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