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It’s always nice to be receiving mails from our readers. We appreciate feed backs and ideas from you. Together, let’s make this craft blog a better place for you and me 🙂

Today’s mail comes from Poh Imm.

Poh Imm says,

Hi! i’m a mother of 1 and also a stay-at-home mum. My gal (2 1/2 years old) is very active and she can’t really sit still. Recently i introduced her to painting using colours and she absolutely love it. at least she could sit still for a while. i came across your blog and absolutely love your ideas in creating crafts.

thanks a lot for your ideas ….


Poh Imm,

I’m so glad you found this craft blog interesting. Do share with us some of your daughter’s art and craft work by submitting them here 😀



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Well done.. Great to hear that your hobby actually helps people. 🙂

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