Toilet Paper Roll Tree

Victoria Ruby Azevedo gave me this idea through our Facebook Fan Club page and I tried it out with Ethan. This is our outcome 🙂

Toilet Paper Roll Tree

Paint the toilet paper roll brown

Let it dry

Cut a tree top out of a green foam

Use a single hole punch, punch out red little 'apples' 😀

Glue the 'apples' onto the tree top

Cut a slit on both opposite sides

Insert the tree top and your toilet paper roll tree is done 🙂

Thank you Victoria for the great idea 😀


  1. Hey, teacher Merryn, thank you for sharing this idea, it’s awesome!

    Have a marvellous weekend with your hubby and Ethan !

  2. Wow.. awesome apple tree!! Toilet paper roll really can come out with so many different craft!

  3. must keep some toilet roll already for YX’s coming school holiday activities. haha…… a very nice tree.

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