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A Crafty-Crafted Friend's submission of a beautiful paper frame.

A Crafty-Crafted Friend's submission of a beautiful paper frame.

Craft submitted by Ayie of

Ayie said,

Hi there! This craft’s inspired from Merryn’s paper frame.  As I commented on her post I had an idea of having it in a collage pattern and told her about it. She then asked me if I can do it and submit it here. I was so pleased with her humbleness so I thought I’ll make this suggestion as soon as I can. I wanted to do more frames but I don’t keep much magazines here and if ever I do, those are my architectural mags so I don’t have the heart to tear them apart. I hope you’ll like this too. Btw, the heart was just a cut out pattern mounted on the paper. The big frame has a smaller frame insert angled just to give a different look. =)

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Thank you Ayie for this beautiful paper frame. 🙂

Wow! This is very nice and creative! Something like scrapbook. I love it!

Nice paper frames

Nice piece of work from Ayie. 🙂

very nice and creative!! I am sure if this is place in the hall, it will be very nice.. 😀

Thanks so much Merryn for inspiring me to do this craft =) and you are welcome too!

Thanks evryone too for your kind compliments =)

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