Felt Corset Purse

A Crafty-Crafted Friend's submission of a felt corset purse.
A Crafty-Crafted Friend's submission of a felt corset purse.

Craft submitted by Ayie of http://jifphotojournal.blogspot.com/

Materials she used:
a piece of felt fabric/material
threads and needle for sewing
jewel/earring/ or any button or ribbon as ornament
beading/jewelry wire or laces

Ayie said,

Sorry I wasn’t able to document each and every step since I wasn’t so sure if it will come out good.  I cut the felt in 2 equal rectangles and trimmed lower side to give the corset emphasis. Stitched both pieces together (sewn part inside) to form the purse.  After having the body done i decorated the “face” with running stitch using darker shade thread.  To achieve a roundish bust form,pull the stitches a bit tighter.  Work on the handle with the leftover strip and attach to the purse.  Voila, a simple corset purse!


  1. Merryn

    Ayie, as I’ve told you, my heart skipped a beat when I got this. I love it so much. Thanx for all your effort and this is really something. It will go well come Chinese New Year and that is only a couple of months away. 😀

  2. Wow, sexy craft haha:D Its just a purse without any buttons of zips to close the opening?

    • Merryn


      You can always improvise and add details as to your liking 😀

  3. hey, this is something we ladies love, ye.. merryn, can do for me since u got gifted hands? corset wo.. sexy la..hahaha…

    • Merryn


      I’ll definitely try to make this. I love it so much and I’m so looking forward to keep coins in it during the upcoming Chinese New Year! 🙂

  4. I’m so pleased with your appreciation, thank you so much merryn! It didn’t take me long time doing that craft project considering it’s all hand stitched. i also agree this will be great replacement for the traditional ang pow envelopes =)

    • Merryn


      I can imagine myself sitting in one corner sewing hundreds of this for CNY.. at least then, my angpow can be special 😀

  5. agree with merryn, you can style it as you like. velcro is ok to have it fully sealed or zips but a cute button or lace can also make a good closure. I used those stud pins for such purpose.

    • Merryn

      Oh yes, velcro will work really good if I intend to put money in it. zips will be a hassle to sew on though.. 🙂

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