Step-by-step Koala Bear

For the very first time, we did a paint art. I drew the koala bears and guide Ethan to paint them. Here’s how to draw a simple koala bear.

Draw a U shaped nut

Draw a number SIX

Draw some claws and add details such as eyes and nose

First paint the sky

Then, paint some clouds

Paint the tree trunk

Add shades to the tree trunk

Add leaves

Add contours/colors to the leaves

First, outline the koala bear and then paint.

Lastly shade the bear and you’re done.

Ethan @ 36 months old


  1. Kimmy

    Hey.. You’re one clever mommy!!! Using the eggs container… Salute!

  2. Mery

    Cute…I should teach Ryan on tis too…

  3. Wow!! Ethan is really good at painting! Smart boy he is!! Well done boy!

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