Rabbits to usher the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year will be celebrated on the 3rd February 2011, just a couple of days away 😀

We are getting really excited and let’s have a look at the kids making rabbit art to usher the New Year of Rabbit!

A couple of rabbits to usher the New Year of Rabbit

Look for a rabbit, preferably from your Chinese New Year greeting cards or any where and cut it out.

We got ours from Craft Haven.

Draw the outline on a drawing block

Cut out the rabbit.

Place the rabbit template onto another drawing block. Secure with masking tape.

Paint the insides of the template

Repeat on the other side or as many times according to how many rabbits you wish to have

Let dry and your rabbits are done.

You may want to finger print some cherry blossoms too.

Nice? 😀

We hung the rabbit art up at our car porch together with the lanterns 😀

Gong Xi Fa Chai to you and family 😀

Here are the list of Chinese New Year crafts we have done:
1) Red packet ancient coin lantern

2) Red packet ball lantern

3) Ang Pao Goldfish

4) Red Packet Star Lantern

5) Toilet paper roll rabbit

6) Toilet paper roll orange

7) Chinese Paper Cut – SPRING

‘8) Fingerprint Cherry Blossoms

9) Ang Pao Toilet Paper Roll Cracker

10) Red Packet Sea Shell Ornament

11) Red Packet Fish Lantern

12) Red Packet Fan Ornament

13) Red Packet Fish Ornament

14) Fortune Cookie Fridge Magnet


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