Paper Plate Fish

This is the basic of all paper plate crafts. The simplest to do.
Use a craft scissors to cut out a small triangle. You may also use normal scissors if you do not have any craft scissors.
Stick the small triangle to form a tail.
Now here is the tedious part. I use a craft punch and punch out a thousand ‘hearts’ from old magazine pages and get Ethan to do the pasting.
Half an hour later, he is still pasting! LOL! You may opt to just color the fish instead.
Use a button, stone or anything you wish for the eye and it’s done!


  1. Ayie

    Very basic but for kids it's something very great!

    • Merryn


      Can use anything 🙂 You can even get them to use brush and paint and just dot dot dot… anything.. be creative 😀

  2. I love this idea – so simple, yet attractive. I’ll try it out with my 4 year old daughter – thanks!

    • Hi Fledgeling,

      Glad you find it attractive 😀 I love simple crafts that little kids can easily do 🙂


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