Abstract Art – Liquid Paint


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Today, we are making an extremely simple but fun artwork. All we will need is paper and some liquid paint in bottles.

Abstract Art

Fold the paper half and open again. Get the kids to pour paint all over the paper. The kids will love pouring paint all over!

Fold the paper half and flatten it, spreading the paint inside along the way.

Slowly unfold the paper and the kids will be surprised to discover how the paints look like now!

This is one quick, simple and fun project to do with the kids πŸ˜€

Abstract Art – Bubble painting


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Today we are going to have fun with bubbles!

Bubble print art

We’ll need a shallow bowl, water, washing-up liquid and paints

Pour water into a shallow bowl

Add the washing-up liquid

Squeeze in some red paint

Using a balloon pump, pump up the mixture. I refrained from letting the kids use straw to blow the mixture as kids are kids, they might accidentally SUCK the mixture instead of BLOWING!

Keep pumping the mixture until the bubbles are almost over the edge of the dish

Place a piece of paper on the bubbles until they popped

If you don’t get the desired amount of bubbles, add more washing up liquid. Sometimes, the bubbles are too faint, add more paint into the mixture in that case

There, better now

Repeat the process until you covered the entire paper

You may want to add more colours to the mixture

And MORE paints! πŸ˜€

If the mixture gets too dark as a result of mixing too many colours, discard the mixture and start all over again

The kids and their bubble print art πŸ™‚

Abstract Art – Bubble Wrap


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We did a very interesting abstract art using bubble wrap today πŸ™‚

Bubble wrap abstract art

Paint a bubble wrap with the colours you like

The painted bubble wrap

Stamp the painted bubble wrap onto a piece of drawing block

Lift the bubble wrap and repeat.

Abstract Art – Toilet Paper Roll


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We are going to make an abstract art using toilet paper roll today πŸ™‚

Toilet paper roll

Abstract art

toilet paper roll

Dip a toilet paper roll into tub of paint

toilet paper roll

Stamp onto an art block, repeat until you’ve covered the entire surface

toilet paper roll

My boy loves to wipe away the paint before dipping the roll into different colour tubs πŸ™‚

toilet paper roll

The kids love doing this!



Abstract Art – Paint


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I love abstract art. Today we are going to use marbles to paint an abstract art πŸ™‚

I’m going to let the video do the tutorial today πŸ˜€

Abstract Art – Simple and nice. The kids will definitely LOVE this! The process of making it especially πŸ˜€

Abstract Art – Crayon


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We are making an abstract art today, with crayons πŸ™‚

Abstract Art

We’ll need some crayon shavings

Spread them onto a piece of construction paper

Cover with another piece of paper

Use a slightly heated up iron to heat up the crayon shavings.

Please be careful while handling hot iron. Make sure the little ones are no where nearby.

Get the little ones to peel the papers.

The abstract art is done.

Coming up next is what we did with the abstract art. Stay tune πŸ˜€

Ribbon Throw Painting


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Jamie of hands on: as we grow shared this fabulousΒ Ribbon Throw Painting art πŸ™‚

Click here for the full instruction. Thank you Jamie for sharing this abstract art πŸ˜€

You mayΒ click here for more abstract art ideas πŸ™‚

Craft Stick Lantern


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Remember the abstract art we did previously? If you don’t, check it out here.

We are going to make a lantern out of that art piece today.

Craft Stick Lantern

Paste 4 craft sticks to form a square on the art piece

Paste more sticks until you get 4 squares

Cut and paste the end together. Cover the bottom and stick a tea light in the middle.

I made another using Panda as the motive and I find it really cool πŸ˜€

Using crayons, I drew a couple of pandas on a tracing paper

Like this πŸ™‚

Cover it with another tracing paper

Iron. Again, please be careful while handling hot iron. Make sure the little ones are no where nearby.

Cut and glue together

Nice πŸ™‚