Sand Candle Art


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The boys love craft so much that they even got their hands busy while on vacation. I signed them up for a couple of craft activities and making Sand Candle Art was one of them.

Sand Candle Art

Watch this video on how to make a sand candle art. We can DIY this at home. The only question here is where can we purchase the gel for the candle?

Candle Polka Dots


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Today we are going to make a different kind of art. An art that requires the use of candle and flame. This requires close supervision of an adult. NEVER let your kid do this unsupervised.

Candle Polka Dots

First, I demo to my son how I lit a candle and let the wax drip on the art block.

Once I’m confident that he understands, I let him try.

He then paint the art block with various colours

Light a candle and let the wax drip on the colours.

Use a sponge and paint the whole art block with a darker color. We use black 🙂

Once the paint dries, use a coin to scrape off the candles and you’ll get beautiful dots of colours!

A beautiful work of art 😀

Coming up – See how we use the same technique to create a Christmas themed art 🙂