Valentine’s Cup Cake Note Holder


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Valentine’s Day, love is in the air… Romance is everywhere… As a crafter, all I see is heart shapes everywhere 🙂

Let’s make this lovely cupcake note holder that can also be used as place cards for wedding dinners or anything alike.

Valentine's Cup Cake Note Holder

You'll need some clay, paper cup, fork and crepe paper.

Press some clay onto the paper cup.

Insert a fork in the middle.

Crumple some crepe paper and wrap it around the clay and glue the end.

Using a "Heart" shape punch, punch out several hearts and paste them onto the 'cake'.

Your note holder is done. Insert a nice heart shape card and write some lovely messages on it 🙂

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A big heart follows by some small hearts…signifies love can be anywhere and to whoever .. one person differs from another…not all have the same kind of love…
ooops…my mind wanders off already..


Understood. lol..

Wow…you are so creative. Keep up the good job!
Ethan is a very blessed boy to have a mother like you.

Thank you Shakira 🙂

Owww… This is so beautiful!!! ^_^

Thank you Cathj 🙂

This is just simple and nice, Ilike it

🙂 Glad you like it.

Definitely a fan after reading this post. Is it ok if I mention you on my site?

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