Origami Alphabet – R


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The letter of the day is ‘R’ 😀 Let’s do this simple Origami R.


Origami R

Fold a square paper half. Then fold the bottom end to meet the middle line.

Fold all the remaining corners to the middle. Fold the right end to meet the middle line.

Fold as shown above and turn it around.

Fold back and your letter R is ready 😀

Share your origami with us. Submit it here and we’ll link it back to you 😀

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R for Rajin.. U are one rajin lady!


Not as Rajin as YOU 😀

Yay! Today I learn how to do R. :p


How I wish I thought of doing what you are doing with Ethan, with my daughters!lol That is why I blog actually for my kids and grand kids.lol
Keep up the good job!
Stay young and beautiful!

I started blogging for Ethan too. And this is the outcome 😀

Keep up the good job. Ethan will be SO PROUD of you and grateful that he has all these history written about him. I see that the new mothers are doing it.

During my time, I have not blog yet so..I have albums and diaries written in a form of letter to my girls and you know what, THEY LOVE IT~

Keep up the good job!

i am not so keen with papers lately (lazy?) so I’ll just get fridge mnagnets for my baby in time! haha

Of course Ayie.. anything that suits your baby’s interest.. hahaha.. already dictating mommy what to do.. 😀

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