Splash of colours


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When you are caught in a moment of boredom and not know what to do, try this simple but fun project.

Cut any shapes out of hard-board paper or you can just use leaf, branches or anything to place on the drawing block.

Dip toothbrush into paint and rub the bristles.

Colours will splash out all over the paper creating a beautiful effect once those hard-board pieces are removed.

Prepare to have FUN and more FUN ahead doing this fun art piece.

There, simple yet bursting with FUN!

Marine World Sponge Painting


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We are taking a break from toilet paper rolls and egg carton crafts. Today, we are back to basics with simple sponge painting.

I gave the kids in the Studio sponges and get them to sponge blue paint all over the paper.

Then, using cute underwater creatures template, they started painting all over the paper.

Not only did they enjoy painting with sponge, they enjoyed WASHING those sponge too!

Cute underwater artwork 😀  *I helped the younger ones to outline their underwater creatures*



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The year end is near and that calls for a celebration. Let’s make a fireworks artwork today 😀

Dilute some paints (the more watery the better) and drip some on art block. With a straw in your mouth, blow to spread the paint. Repeat this process until you’ve achieved the fireworks you desires 😀

The kids and their fireworks art 🙂

Abstract Art – Liquid Paint


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Today, we are making an extremely simple but fun artwork. All we will need is paper and some liquid paint in bottles.

Abstract Art

Fold the paper half and open again. Get the kids to pour paint all over the paper. The kids will love pouring paint all over!

Fold the paper half and flatten it, spreading the paint inside along the way.

Slowly unfold the paper and the kids will be surprised to discover how the paints look like now!

This is one quick, simple and fun project to do with the kids 😀

Abstract Art – Bubble painting


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Today we are going to have fun with bubbles!

Bubble print art

We’ll need a shallow bowl, water, washing-up liquid and paints

Pour water into a shallow bowl

Add the washing-up liquid

Squeeze in some red paint

Using a balloon pump, pump up the mixture. I refrained from letting the kids use straw to blow the mixture as kids are kids, they might accidentally SUCK the mixture instead of BLOWING!

Keep pumping the mixture until the bubbles are almost over the edge of the dish

Place a piece of paper on the bubbles until they popped

If you don’t get the desired amount of bubbles, add more washing up liquid. Sometimes, the bubbles are too faint, add more paint into the mixture in that case

There, better now

Repeat the process until you covered the entire paper

You may want to add more colours to the mixture

And MORE paints! 😀

If the mixture gets too dark as a result of mixing too many colours, discard the mixture and start all over again

The kids and their bubble print art 🙂

Magic Painting


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We’ve been doing lots of artwork and crafts lately but I just can’t find the time to post it! Today I managed to squeeze in this post 😀

We did some magic painting the other day in the Studio and the kids loved it! I prepared some ‘magic sheets’ before the arrival of the kids.

I drew some pictures on drawing blocks using white crayon hence the pictures are not visible to the children’s eyes.

Can you see what I’m drawing? 🙂

To the kids, this is just a plain sheet of paper! Then comes the FUN part!

They were told to simply paint anywhere on the paper and to their delight, they saw pictures emerging!

The boys got excited when they saw vehicles on their drawing block.

While the girls were happy with cuter stuffs like cute heart shapes and flowers 😀

This is one activity that the kids really love and I think I’ll draw more detailed pictures next time to excite them. Ben 10 for the boys and Smurfs for the girls? Nah… I’m not that talented! 😀

Abstract Art – Bubble Wrap


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We did a very interesting abstract art using bubble wrap today 🙂

Bubble wrap abstract art

Paint a bubble wrap with the colours you like

The painted bubble wrap

Stamp the painted bubble wrap onto a piece of drawing block

Lift the bubble wrap and repeat.

How to draw with charcoal


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I sent Ethan to his Mandarin class today and went to work right after. For the very first time I have peace and quiet at my work place. I saw this sitting at the corner..

Charcoal sticks

I have never sketched using charcoal before but since I have all the time in the world today, I decided to try and came out with this..

Charcoal Zebra

Though I thought that the zebra is cute, but it did not seem ‘alive’. Of course the flaw here is though I was using charcoal, I sketched exactly like how I draw using a pencil hence the failure to get the desired effect.

I then googled for more info on drawing with charcoal and learnt something new:

* Take a piece of eraser and erase out the outline. That’s right, I will be drawing with an eraser which I did not do with the zebra earlier.

Now, I’m very keen to learn more on charcoal drawing as it is really fun! (not to mention MUCH easier if compared to a pencil!)

Pencil vs Charcoal

Of course the charcoal art looks better. It will be better once I’ve mastered the art of drawing with charcoal. Wish me luck! 😀

Abstract Art – Toilet Paper Roll


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We are going to make an abstract art using toilet paper roll today 🙂

Toilet paper roll

Abstract art

toilet paper roll

Dip a toilet paper roll into tub of paint

toilet paper roll

Stamp onto an art block, repeat until you’ve covered the entire surface

toilet paper roll

My boy loves to wipe away the paint before dipping the roll into different colour tubs 🙂

toilet paper roll

The kids love doing this!



Giraffe Art


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Ethan did a giraffe art today. Let me share it with you 😀

Giraffe Art

He drew a giraffe modeled after the Toilet Paper Roll Giraffe in our previous entry 🙂

Here he is diligently colouring the giraffe

Tah-dah! His giraffe art is done and he is all smiles 😀

Candle Drops Christmas Tree


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Remember the Candle Polka Dots art we did not too long ago? Today we are going to use the same technique and create a Christmas tree out of it 😀

Candle Drops Christmas Tree

Using a brush, paint lots multiple colours dots on a piece of art block

Light a candle and let the wax drip on the dots of colours.

Once the wax are dry, paint green over them.

Scrape away the candle wax and you’ll get beautiful dots of colours decorating your Christmas tree 😀

Candle Drops Christmas Tree featuring Cavan of Life Muses and Ethel of Ling in De House

Handprint Santa


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We did a very interesting art piece today 🙂

Handprint Santa Claus

First paint your palm white

Stamp the painted palm onto a darker coloured paper

Paint your thumb red

Stamp the painted thumb as Santa’s nose

Paint your thumb pink

And stamp as the Santa’s cheeks 😀

Paint your thumb white and stamp as the eyes

Cut the Santa’s hat out of red felt. We use red foam as I happened to run out of felt! Improvise! 😀

Paste on some cotton too

Paste a cotton ball at the end of the hat

Paint your pointer black and stamp as Santa’s eyeball and you are done 😀

Handprint Santa – featuring cute kiddos Cavan of Life Muses and Ethel of Ling in De House

Candle Polka Dots


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Today we are going to make a different kind of art. An art that requires the use of candle and flame. This requires close supervision of an adult. NEVER let your kid do this unsupervised.

Candle Polka Dots

First, I demo to my son how I lit a candle and let the wax drip on the art block.

Once I’m confident that he understands, I let him try.

He then paint the art block with various colours

Light a candle and let the wax drip on the colours.

Use a sponge and paint the whole art block with a darker color. We use black 🙂

Once the paint dries, use a coin to scrape off the candles and you’ll get beautiful dots of colours!

A beautiful work of art 😀

Coming up – See how we use the same technique to create a Christmas themed art 🙂

Salt Painting


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Let’s do some salt painting today. You’ll need lots of salt, glue and some food colouring. Bare in mind though that this artwork won’t last so be prepared to explain to your kid that he can’t keep this in his gallery 🙂

Salt painting

First, I let him spread glue all over black construction paper.

Place the construction paper in a shallow container and pour salt onto the glue.

Dip a brush into food colouring and slightly touch the tip of the brush on the salt.

Pay attention to the salt. It will suck absorb the food colouring and kids are usually fascinated by it!

Next I spread glue onto a black construction paper. I spelled out his name 🙂 He poured salt all over it 😀

It’s ‘magic’. Kids will be amazed I assure you 😀

Ethan and his masterpiece 🙂 Too bad it will get runny almost immediately though 🙁

Name Poster


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We’re feeling like making a cool name poster today 🙂

Name poster

I used masking tape and taped Ethan’s name on the drawing block.

Using sponge, he dabs paint on his name.

Continue with other colors.

I used masking tape to tape some cool shapes such as stars, moon and all.

Got him to dab around until completely covering the whole paper. The messier, the better 😀

Once dry, let him tear out the masking tape. It is so much fun!

The name poster is just so cool 🙂

Potato Stamp Art


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A Crafty-Crafted Friend’s submission of lovely potato stamp art 🙂

Milton of Our Little Corners is such a cool brother. He does art and craft with his younger siblings. Today, he’s sharing their potato stamp fun art 🙂

Milton used potato, water color, knife and bond paper for this fun art.

Milton’s instruction 🙂

– Get a potato and cut it into half ( with pencil or any pointed material like a small knife)

– Outline your design into the raw surface.

– You can start of with some simple designs like a star, a fish or even a clover leaf.

– Using a small knife, cut around the outline of the design to a depth of 1/4 inch and then cut the background of the shape it self.

– For colors, you can use water colors , which you can mix with a little water.

– Just dip or spread the color with brush and apply it to a suitable surface.


Thank you Milton for spending quality time with your brother doing art projects together. Thank you too for sharing this art work with us 🙂

Footprint Fish


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It’s time to get ticklish again 😀 Blurp, blurp.. FISH here we come 😛

Footprint Fish

Paint your feet red or any colour of your choice and stamp onto a drawing block

Paint your pointer white and stamp as the eyes. Paint some fins and the fish is done 🙂

Abstract Art – Paint


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I love abstract art. Today we are going to use marbles to paint an abstract art 🙂

I’m going to let the video do the tutorial today 😀

Abstract Art – Simple and nice. The kids will definitely LOVE this! The process of making it especially 😀

Abstract Art – Crayon


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We are making an abstract art today, with crayons 🙂

Abstract Art

We’ll need some crayon shavings

Spread them onto a piece of construction paper

Cover with another piece of paper

Use a slightly heated up iron to heat up the crayon shavings.

Please be careful while handling hot iron. Make sure the little ones are no where nearby.

Get the little ones to peel the papers.

The abstract art is done.

Coming up next is what we did with the abstract art. Stay tune 😀

Step-by-step Koala Bear


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For the very first time, we did a paint art. I drew the koala bears and guide Ethan to paint them. Here’s how to draw a simple koala bear.

Draw a U shaped nut

Draw a number SIX

Draw some claws and add details such as eyes and nose

First paint the sky

Then, paint some clouds

Paint the tree trunk

Add shades to the tree trunk

Add leaves

Add contours/colors to the leaves

First, outline the koala bear and then paint.

Lastly shade the bear and you’re done.

Ethan @ 36 months old