Craft’s What Is – PVA Glue


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PVA glue – Is also known as white glue, school glue or wood working glue. It is water-based; your hands and brushes come clean easily under the tap. PVA glue sticks most things together – wood, cardboard, paper, cloth and plastic.

It is great for applying glitter too. Just mix it in and paint it. You can apply the glue with either a paintbrush or a glue spreader. PVA glue mixed with water is perfect for papier-mache and the glue can be undiluted on parts that need extra strength.

Coming up.. other usage of PVA glue. Stay tuned 🙂

Papier Mache Hook


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It’s been some time since our last papier mache project so let’s make one today.

Papier mache snake hook

Cut an S shape out of a hard board.

Roll some old newspapers and secure them on the S template using masking tape. Repeat on another side.

Use masking tape and tape all over the newspaper.

Tear old newspapers. Soak them in water. Apply PVA glue and paste all over the masking tape. Repeat several layers. Let dry.

Paint the snake and let dry. Once dry you can use it to hang some lightweight stuffs 😀

Simple Paper Twisting Project


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We did a simple paper twisting project today.

Paper Twist Apple

All we need are crepe papers and PVA glue. Twist crepe papers.

Paste and shape according to your liking. He is trying to make an apple there 😀

While another girl did snakes and their nest filled with eggs! Simple but lots of fun! 😀

Puffy Heart Valentine


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Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Let’s make a puffy heart today <3

Valentine’s Puffy Heart

Referring to our post here, cut a heart out of hard construction paper to be used as the template. Let the kids trace the outline of the heart on white hard construction paper.

Cut the heart out. Younger kids might need assistance in cutting the heart.

Paint the heart red. Let dry. Repeat on the other side.

Using a hole punch, punch a hole on the heart.

 Cut long strips out of crepe paper. Cut again into small squares.

Crumple the crepe papers squares into tiny balls. You’ll need plenty of these.

Spread PVA Glue on one side of the heart.

Scatter the crepe paper balls onto the heart and press down to secure them. Repeat on the other side.

Tie a gold string through the hole and the Valentine’s Puffy Heart craft is done 🙂

Bubble wrap Honeycomb art


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Let’s make a honeycomb using bubble wrap today 😀


Paint a piece of bubble wrap

Place the painted surface down on a piece of paper

Paint your thumb and stamp all over as the bees

Paint the wings and draw lines on the bees.

Now comes the fun part. Mix some paint with PVA glue.

Drip the mixture onto the honeycomb

Hold the paper up and see the paint mixture flow creating honey in the honeycomb 😀

Optional : I cut some ovals out of yellow foam and get the kids to paste them onto the honeycomb. Paste plastic wings too.

Toilet Paper Roll Bird


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Let’s make a bird today. Not an angry bird but a cute one 😀

Toilet Paper Roll Bird

Paint a toilet paper roll any colour to your liking.

Paint your thumb white and stamp as the white eye. Paint your pointer black and stamp again as the eyeball 😀

Cut two triangles out of orange construction paper for the beak

Spread PVA glue all over the toilet roll

Now it’s the fun part – Sticking feathers onto the bird.

Instead of buying feathers from craft store, I bought a brand new feather duster and stripped the feathers from it instead. It’s much cheaper that way!

The kids with their bird 😀

Paper Plate TP Roll Mushroom


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We are still in the mushroom craze so that is what we’ll be making today 🙂

Paper plate toilet paper roll mushroom

Paint the toilet paper roll brown

Cut a line to the middle of the plate and glue as shown above.

Paint the paper plate red.

Varnish the paper plate with PVA Glue.

The paper plate should be sticky. Paste cotton on it and let dry. It will have a nice shine once dried.

Spread glue on the rim of the toilet paper roll

Plate the paper plate on the toilet paper roll

Paper plate mushrooms

The kids and their mushrooms 🙂

Footprint Mushroom


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Mushrooms! We love mushrooms! Today we are going to make a footprint paper plate mushroom 😀

Footprint paper plate mushroom

Cut a paper plate to the shape of a mushroom top

Paint the paper plate red.

While waiting for the paper plate to dry, paint your foot white or brown.. 😀

Stamp your painted foot on a piece of coloured construction paper.

Back to the paper plate. Paint a coat of diluted PVA glue all over the plate. This acts as an adhesive to hold the cotton later on and also as a varnish. Read here to learn more about varnishing using PVA glue.

Paste cotton balls

Spread the remaining PVA glue at the back of the paper plate

Paste it onto the footprint and the mushroom is done! Served with a bowl of freshly cooked mushroom soup, YUMMY! 😀



Craft Tips – Varnishing


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PVA glue can also be used to make varnish, which will help protect the surface of many of your projects. A shiny, varnished effect looks really professional.  Mix the glue with one third the amount of water. The varnish will look a bit white when you paint it on, but when it dries it will be clear.