Toilet Paper Roll Jet


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It’s been sometime since we last did a toilet paper roll craft. Today, let’s make a toilet paper roll jet 😀

Toilet Paper Roll Jet

Glue the egg carton to the toilet paper roll as what we did previously for the toilet paper roll plane. Refer to it here.

Paint it with the colour of your choice

Cut the necessary shapes out of coloured foam for the wings

Stick yellow cellophane sheets as the flame at the end of the jet 🙂

Rock Painting – Lady Bug


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We are going to try rock painting today and what else can we paint if not our favourite – Lady Bug! 😀

Lady bugs

Choose some nice, round rocks

Paint it red

Once dry, paint the face black. Draw line and dots.

Let dry. Paint the eyes. Once dry, spray a coat of varnish and your rock ladybug is done 😀

Can be used as paper weight 🙂

B is for Butterfly


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Refer to the video we shared on how to cut letters from paper here and we’ll be making alphabet teaching aid again today.

Today’s lucky letter is B.

B is for Butterfly

Cut a B out of a piece of paper.

Use that paper B as a guide to draw the outline on a piece of colored foam

Use craft punch to punch out colourful circles and paste all over the B.

Basic Shapes Dump Truck


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Let’s learn basic shapes today and along the way make a dump truck out of it 😀

Dump truck

I cut several basic shapes such as rectangle, square and circle. We also shredded some crepe paper.

Use a glue stick to stick the shapes

Paste the shapes onto an art block

Spread some glue on the top part of the dump truck

Stick the confetti (shredded crepe paper) on and you are done 😀

Basic shapes dump truck

Craft Tips – Beautifying a simple bowl


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When I do grocery shopping, I often get bowls as free gifts for some of my purchases. Today, I feel like doing something to beautify the bowl and make it the center of attraction 😀

All we need is the bowl and a bear. I use the bear I got from being a loyal member of a supermarket chain 🙂

Glue the hands and feet to the bowl. Tie a golden ribbon around the neck and your guest will never know that the bowl and bear are made up of cheap stuff 😀

Heart Egg


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No.. not talking about heart ACHE here… but Heart Egg 😀

Heart Egg

Heat a pan and place a silicon heart mould on it

Crack an egg into the mould

Pour some water into the pan

Cover it

Remove the silicon mould and decorate as you wish 😀

We decorated ours with lots of ketchup! 😀

Toilet Paper Roll Cupid


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It’s Valentine’s Day today and we are making a cute cupid out of toilet paper roll 🙂

Toilet Paper Roll Cupid

Paint a toilet paper roll pink

Paste eyes onto the roll. Alternatively you may dip your finger into white paint and print it as the eyes, paint black for the eyeball.

Draw the mouth

You’ll need some aluminium foil

Twist the foil until you get a strip and shape it into a wing. Repeat until you get a pair of wings

Use cellophane tape to tape the wings into place

Cut a strip of white paper and paste onto the cupid. Get some cotton and paste it too as the hair

Use pipe cleaner and craft foam and make the bow and arrow.

Glue the arrow and bow onto the cupid and you are done!

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all 😀

Valentine’s Heart Mobile


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Let’s make a super simple heart mobile today 🙂

Valentine’s Heart Mobile

Refer to our post here and cut two hearts out of coloured construction paper. I prefer to use papers of different colours.

Cut a slit to the centre of the heart, one slit on the bottom half of the heart and the other heart on the upper half.

Slide the hearts together, top to bottom.

Tie a string or you may cut a strip of paper using craft scissors.

Valentine’s Heart Stand


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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Let’s make a lovely heart stand today 😀

Valentine’s Heart Stand

We’ll need two hard construction paper

Cut a circle out of each construction paper. Cut a slit through in the middle end on both the paper.

Slide the paper together, top to bottom.

Cut a heart shape out of white paper. Refer to our previous post here on how to cut symmetrical paper heart.

Use crayon and colour the heart shape.

You may choose to iron the heart shape.

You’ll get stained glass effect after ironing.

Stick a thread onto the heart and glue it onto the paper stand and you’ll get a lovely Valentine’s heart stand 😀

Craft Stick Insect Garden


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Craft sticks can be used to make beautiful decorative items. Today, let’s make an insect garden 🙂

Craft Stick Insect Garden

– You’ll need 8 craft sticks.

– Arrange them as shown above and glue to keep them in place.

Refer here for the ladybug instructions and here for the bee instructions.

– Cut some grass out of green felt and paste them all onto the craft sticks.

– Your masterpiece will definitely cheer up any dull looking wall 🙂

Rabbits to usher the Chinese New Year


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Chinese New Year will be celebrated on the 3rd February 2011, just a couple of days away 😀

We are getting really excited and let’s have a look at the kids making rabbit art to usher the New Year of Rabbit!

A couple of rabbits to usher the New Year of Rabbit

Look for a rabbit, preferably from your Chinese New Year greeting cards or any where and cut it out.

We got ours from Craft Haven.

Draw the outline on a drawing block

Cut out the rabbit.

Place the rabbit template onto another drawing block. Secure with masking tape.

Paint the insides of the template

Repeat on the other side or as many times according to how many rabbits you wish to have

Let dry and your rabbits are done.

You may want to finger print some cherry blossoms too.

Nice? 😀

We hung the rabbit art up at our car porch together with the lanterns 😀

Gong Xi Fa Chai to you and family 😀

Here are the list of Chinese New Year crafts we have done:
1) Red packet ancient coin lantern

2) Red packet ball lantern

3) Ang Pao Goldfish

4) Red Packet Star Lantern

5) Toilet paper roll rabbit

6) Toilet paper roll orange

7) Chinese Paper Cut – SPRING

‘8) Fingerprint Cherry Blossoms

9) Ang Pao Toilet Paper Roll Cracker

10) Red Packet Sea Shell Ornament

11) Red Packet Fish Lantern

12) Red Packet Fan Ornament

13) Red Packet Fish Ornament

14) Fortune Cookie Fridge Magnet