Easter Egg Basket


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Remember the Happy Family Chicken Eggs we just did? Remember the Easter Egg Bunny? All we need to do now is make a basket to keep them nicely together 🙂

Easter Egg Basket. The Happy Chicken Family and their friend, the Easter Bunny 🙂

Cut an empty egg carton. We'll need only four 'nests'.

Trim the sides and paste double-sided tape. Stick a strip of crepe paper all around it.

In case you're wondering how to prepare the crepe paper, just cut a strip and fold. Then trim one end so that it's a little bit rounded.

Use a hole punch and punch a hole each on both sides of the basket. Put a pipe cleaner through it and twist to secure. The Easter Egg Basket is done 🙂

Happy Family Chicken Eggs


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I so love this Easter project that I did with Ethan (well, most of it was ME as empty egg shells are too fragile to be handled by him). The end result is just too satisfying and cute!
Let’s start 😀

One Happy Family Chicken Eggs

You'll need some empty egg shells.

You'll need to cut out some 'chicken parts' from coloured felts and paste double layered tape on it.

Paste all the parts onto the empty egg shell. Draw two dots as the eyes.

Introducing... Daddy Chicken Egg 😀

Put your hands together for... Mummy Chicken Eggs 🙂

Our bundle of joy... Baby Chicken Egg a.k.a. Ethan 😛

Together, we make a lovely Happy Family portrait 🙂

I’m still smiling looking at those eggs 🙂 If you have any Easter projects you want to share with us, please submit them here and we’ll link it back to you. Thank you 🙂

Star Egg


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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.. Let’s make a star out of an egg today 🙂

Star Egg

We'll need a star shape silicon mould and a non-stick pan.

Break an egg in the middle of the star mould.

Add some water and cover with lid. A couple of minutes is all it takes for the yolk to completely cook. Decorate with sea weeds 🙂

Fan Mail


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It’s always nice to be receiving mails from our readers. We appreciate feed backs and ideas from you. Together, let’s make this craft blog a better place for you and me 🙂

Today’s mail comes from Poh Imm.

Poh Imm says,

Hi! i’m a mother of 1 and also a stay-at-home mum. My gal (2 1/2 years old) is very active and she can’t really sit still. Recently i introduced her to painting using colours and she absolutely love it. at least she could sit still for a while. i came across your blog and absolutely love your ideas in creating crafts.

thanks a lot for your ideas ….


Poh Imm,

I’m so glad you found this craft blog interesting. Do share with us some of your daughter’s art and craft work by submitting them here 😀



Easter Egg Bunny


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This Easter, let’s make a cute bunny out of an egg 🙂

Easter Egg Bunny

Use a double sided tape to keep the egg in place.

Cut two ears from felt and foam and glue them onto the egg.

Decorate the bunny as you wish and you'll have a cute centrepiece 🙂

Easter Greeting Card


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Easter is around the corner. Let’s make a simple but cute Easter greeting card 🙂

Easter Greeting Card

Trace the outline of your palm and cut. You'll need both sides of your palms cut out.

Cut out an oval from a yellow construction paper.

Paste the palm cut out on each side as the wings.

Cut a triangle from a brown felt as the beak. Two circles from beach felt as the eyes. Cut two legs from brown foam and two small circles from black foam. Glue. You may also opt to use construction paper instead of felt and foam but I prefer felt and foam for a better finish 😀

Craft’s What is – Accordion Fold


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Typically accordion folds are to fold into pleats resembling the bellows of an accordion. They are simple zig-zag folds with 6-panels (or more)  and two parallel folds that go in opposite directions. Each panel of the accordian fold is about the same size.

Also Known As: z fold | zig-zag

Bread Cup


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Finding it a bore to eat bread every morning? Try ‘transforming’ your bread into a cup and the little one will surely be excited for more 😀

A Crafty-Crafted Friend’s submission of a delicious bread cup 🙂

Craft submitted by http://cre8tonebabe.blogspot.com

What you’ll need. Click here for full instructions on how to make the delicious edible cup 😀

Craft Tips – Personalized Drinking Glasses


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Personalized Drinking Glasses

Having a party? Help your guests identify their glasses with personalized drinking glasses. You need not go to the extreme of ordering engraved drinking glasses with names on it. Cut cost and use ribbons to tie a name tag around the glass instead 🙂

Personalised Drinking Glasses

You'll need drinking glasses, ribbons, craft scissors, cards with names printed on it and a punch hole

Cut the name using the craft scissors. Punch a hole at the side and run the ribbon through it. Tie around the glass.

You are now ready to enjoy your drink with your personalized glass 😀

Learn the different methods to design a mug and we’ll help you print it.

Craft Tips – Craft uses for nail polish


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Don’t throw out your old bottles of nail polish! They can be used for all kinds of crafts. You can paint plastic plant pots. Just mix different colors all together and the outcome is awesome! Your imagination is the limit and you can basically do anything with it!  Jazz up old earrings, ornaments, shoes; anything that can be “sponge” painted. Have fun 🙂

Come share your craft tips and tricks with us here 🙂

Handprint Flower


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Handprint Flower

Mix red and white together to get pink. You may also use any other colour as you wish 🙂

Paint your palm and print it onto a piece of paper.

Repeat and print all around till you get a complete flower.

Paint your fingers green and print it on the bottom of the paper as the grass.

Paint your fingers a lighter shade of green and print it on the bottom of the paper again.

Draw a line down from the flower to the grass. Use the brush to dot the middle of the flower and you are done.

The beautiful handprint flower 😀

Decorating Flip Flops


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Flip flops need not look so plain anymore thanx to Anney.

A Crafty-Crafted Friend's submission on decorating flip flops

Craft submitted by Anney of http://blogniako.blogspot.com

Turn ordinary flip flops into something extra ordinary.

See how they've been transformed

To see how she ‘transformed’ her flip flops, click here.

You too can share your creative ideas with us. Simply click here to submit your craft and we’ll link it back to you 🙂

Craft Tips – Color Theory


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When mixing colors for painting, the fundamental rule is that there are three colors that cannot be made by mixing other colors together. These three colors are red, blue and yellow; known as the primary colors.

Primary color wheel

Secondary Colors

If you mix two primary colors together, you create what is called a secondary color.

Blue + Red = Purple

Red + Yellow = Orange

Yellow + Blue = Green

The colour wheel can be seen below and this can be used to help remember primary and secondary colours. The secondary colours are in between the primary colours – for example – between red and blue is purple. Quite simply, mixing the primary colours of red and blue paint together will produce the secondary colour purple.

secondary color wheel chart

An important rule of the color wheel is that colours opposite to each other on the color wheel usually work well together as a colour scheme. These are known as COMPLEMENTARY COLOUR.

Tip: It takes only a little of a dark color to change a light color, but it takes considerably more of a light color to change a dark one.

Get your colors out today and try mixing until you get the desired results 🙂

Handprint Spider


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Incy Wincy Spider climb up the water spout.. Let’s paint a spider today 🙂

Handprint Spider

You'll need black water colour for the spider. You may also use dark brown or any other colour your child wishes his/her spider to be 🙂

Paint your palm and four fingers black.

Stamp the painted palm onto a piece of paper.

You'll get one half of the spider.

Paint the other side of your palm and the four fingers.

Stamp it next to the first half.

You'll get a complete spider now.

Grip your fist and paint it black.

Stamp it on the body of the spider.

Paint your fingertips yellow and dot it around the head as spider has many eyes all over.

Paint your fingertip red and dot it on the yellow dots and your spider is done 🙂